Our accounting and bookkeeping service is designed to provide professional bookkeeping and accounting services to small businesses, high-net-worth individuals, and professionals in Los Angeles, throughout Southern California, and remotely for accounting, bookkeeping and tax problems

We offer full-charge bookkeeping services as well as streamlined reporting, so that you can get all of your business transactions into QuickBooks as well as properly analyze them to make sound and aware business decisions. We also get discount rates on all QuickBooks products, so consult with us before you buy anything, as we likely can get you a better deal! We also work with top-notch insurance agents for worker’s comp, liability, and buy/sell insurance, to get you all insured

We also offer Real Estate Brokers, and Rental Property Companies – Great Working with CPAs and Financial Planners – Fully Functional Remote and Local Services Available – Transaction Entry and Account Reconciliation – Reporting and “Big Picture” Business Analysis – Streamlined Paper Filing and Organizational Support keeping accurate accounting and bookkeeping records

We help individuals and small businesses in any other related accounting and bookkeeping problem and effectively assist in managing their businesses to reach the most accurate financial decisions

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services You Can Trust

We take great pride in providing high-quality accounting services. Call us at 323-527-2883 today. We offer a free consultation for new clients to find out how they can benefit from our services. Accounting Task deliver these benefits to you through a full-service solution that include a wide range of accounting, bookkeeping, and financial services to Small Businesses, our practice includes the followings:

           * Accounts Payable, billing and receivable services

           * Payroll and tax return services

           * Banking and credit cards reconciliation                     

           *  Financial statement preparation

           * Sales Tax reporting

           * Cash flow management and budeting

           * Financial reporting and consulting

          * Business fraud prevention and internal control

          * Account Analysis                

          * Inventory Control        

         * QuickBooks integration  

        * Clean your credit